Get Stronger, Leaner, and More Energetic

Without giving up extra time with your family, wasting money on useless products, or going on a restrictive diet.


VIGOR Training

All the results of a luxury one-on-one personal training program without the extreme financial investment.

All the nutritional support without going on a restrictive diet or tracking every bite of food you eat.

All the professional guidance you need while working in your workouts when they fit best in your schedule.

What would it mean for you not to think about the scale because you know you’re at a healthy weight? To have the energy and stamina to tackle your to-do list at work and home? To know that you’re leading your family toward better health and vitality instead of sickness and disease?

Join the Program That Makes You Feel Younger, Stronger, and More Energetic

Without Consuming Your Life, Leaving You Hungry, or Costing You Thousands to Get Started

In 2017, a small group of friends asked me to put a workout program together. I decided that, if I were going to do so, I’d take my 20+ years of health and fitness experience and create a program that requires the least number of lifestyle changes, time out of your schedule, and mental energy, but that delivers consistent, superior results compared to the calorie-counting, cardio-focused, time-consuming programs promoted by most fitness “influencers.” A program based on my book, The 3 Pillars of VIGOR.

From that, VIGOR Training was born. Of that initial group, most are still members today, and our membership has grown to levels I would never have expected when I first created this program. The growth hasn’t been because I’m great at selling the program, but rather because people get such great results.

What would it mean for you if, in six months, you could confidently say, “I’ve never felt this good?”

What IS VIGOR Training?

VIGOR Training is a complete fitness and nutrition program that helps you build muscle, shed excess body fat, feel more energetic, and improve your health and quality of life without making your nutrition and fitness the center of your life. Based on three pillars, once you make them consistent parts of your lifestyle, you will spend more time enjoying your life and less being concerned you’re not healthy or fit enough.

Professionally-Designed Workout Programs

These are not a bunch of random workouts put together for your entertainment. Each of the VIGOR Training programs is designed with a long-term plan in mind, where each month’s programming builds on the previous month and prepares you for the next month. This is called “periodization,” and it means your body and mind will never get bored while you make consistent improvements in body composition, strength, mobility, and overall fitness.

Personal and Group Support to Keep You On Track and Navigate Life’s Obstacles

You might workout on your own, but you’re never alone. As a member and client, you get access to our group messaging system and direct messaging with your coach. Not sure about your technique on an exercise? Record yourself and you’ll get feedback and pointers. Need to swap an exercise because your gym doesn’t have what you need? Just ask! Looking for tips on eating our or on eating more? Your fellow members are always willing to share their wisdom, as is your coach.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Habit Tracking

We don’t want you weighing and measuring food and counting calories forever, but we do want to make sure you’re eating enough protein. Your app includes a best-in-class nutrition tracking system, where you can ensure you’re eating enough protein to build muscle, shed body fat, and keep you feeling full so you never feel like you’re on a “diet.”

Everything you need in our easy-to-use VIGOR Training app.

What It Isn’t


Most online training programs are little more than entertaining, follow-along video programs or randomly assigned exercise sessions.

Restrictive Diet

When you adopt the 3 Pillars, you shouldn’t feel hungry, deprived, or like you’re on a diet. Ever.


We want your program to better your life, not become your life, so you won’t spend hours each day at a gym or need to eat five or six times every day to succeed. In fact, doing so would be counterproductive to getting results.